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Medicinal Benefits

There emerges from her bellies a drink, varying in colours, in it is a healing for the people. Indeed, in that is a sign for a people who give thought]. Quran 16:69.

The Prophet(PBUH) said
“Honey is a remedy for every illness and the Quran is a remedy for all illness of the mind. Therefore, I recommend to your both remedies, the Quran and Honey”. Bukhari.

First and foremost, Honey has been mentioned in the Quran and Hadith as a healing for mankind. Honey has been used since ancient times as medicine and more recently has become an alternative to modern day medicine. Scientific studies have given such recognition after numerous laboratory testing and research.

By taking pure raw organic honey, you join the group of people who are taking charge of their lives. The natural Yemeni honey has stood the test of time, having been used for generations in curing diseases and enhancing health. Your quality of life can be enhanced when utilizing the many benefits that raw honey contains.

Our range of unique and rare raw honey has medicinal properties that promote and support a healthy immune system; they have antibacterial, antioxidant, and antifungal qualities, and are also able to improve health when used for holistic healing treatments. Raw honey contains 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and 5,000 enzymes. Minerals include iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and selenium. Vitamins found in honey include vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin. In addition, the nutraceuticals contained in raw honey help neutralize damaging free radical activity. What many people do not know, however, is that there are other unique honey benefits many of which are uncommon and unheard of but can change your life for the better.

Our honey is pure raw and organic, it is unpasteurized and cold pressed. It is derived traditionally with absolutely no heating or chemicals used. Our selection of Yemeni honey has been tried and tested for centuries to treat many ailments and has succeeded in doing so. We have listed some of the general uses below;

  • Antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal properties
  • Natural aphrodisiac
  • Aids fertility
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves brain health
  • Clears the skin ands aids in getting rid of acne
  • Provides temporary relief to scalp issues
  • Promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestines
  • Helps with gum disease. Dilute honey to use as a mouthwash.
  • Aids weight loss
  • Relieves cold and flu symptoms
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Alkalizes body’s PH
  • Aids indigestion and acid reflux
  • Cures toothache. Make a paste using honey and cinnamon and apply to aching tooth.
  • Aids insomnia
  • Fights infections
  • Aids digestive problems such as constipation and diareah
  • Heals infected wounds and burns, surgical wounds (incl. C-section)
  • Promotes speedy recovery after childbirth
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes general health and vitality


Given the sweeping array of uses for Sidr honey, it’s a good idea to keep your pantry and medicine cabinet stocked with a jar or two. It’s an amazing nutritional supplement, sweetener, and medicine.

Laboratory tests have confirmed that Sidr honey is a super honey. Just like manuka, Sidr honey is full of superior anti-bacterial, antifungal and antibiotic properties. Sidr honey has magic like results when used internally and also topically. You will visibly see your wounds, infected wounds and burns heal with zero or minimal scarring.

Just like manuka sidr has been tested against MMSA and MRSA the results speak for themselves

Unlike Manuka honey, Sidr has an incredible taste that consumers have said is addictive. Honey that tastes delicious and has proven itself medicinally is a very rare find. Rare plus rare makes it one of the worlds most sought after and rarest honey.


Including all the benefits of raw honey, Sal is a natural elixir. It has an extraordinary effect on energy levels. Known as the energiser that keeps you going all day it does not disappoint. Unlike any other honey in the world Sal Honey has almost an instant effect. It has been used for centuries by the local Yemenis to cure respiratory infections, sinus infections, ear infections, tonsillitis, throat infections, chest infections and colds. It is also used to increase libido in both men and woman alike. Do not under estimate this rare and unique honey.


Sumra needs no introduction. This strong, dark and rich honey boasts all of the raw honey benefits. In addition, it is used by the locals to specifically treat any blood, liver, kidney or heart related disease. Also known for its strong aphrodisiac effects, Sumra Honey is truly one of a kind.

Your quality of life can be enhanced when utilizing the many honey benefits. Honey has medicinal properties that promote and support a healthy immune system; it has antibacterial qualities, and it is also able to improve health when used for holistic healing treatments. What many people do not know, however, is that there are other unique honey benefits ~ many of which are uncommon and unheard of but can change your life for the better.

Sidr Honey for Sinus Infections

Today, people are quite accustomed to taking prescription medication for sinus infections, but you might be surprised to hear that Sidr honey effectively kills Staphylococcus aureus, the bacterium responsible for respiratory infections. Honey has several antibacterial agents that go to work on staph infections, whether inside or outside of the body. Simply soften a small amount of Sidr honey and dissolve it in your saline nasal wash. Even when Yemeni Sidr honey is diluted very thinly, it still has powerful antibacterial agents that will help you fight away the infection and get you breathing easier. You can also incorporate it into your diet for its nutritional benefits. A boost in nutrition is always beneficial during times of illness.

Sidr Honey for Skin Infections

One problem our prescription culture has caused is drug-resistant bacteria. You may have heard of the devastating effects of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). This bacterium, the same responsible for sinus infections, can become lethal when mutated to resist medication. When a patient is diagnosed with MRSA, surgery is required to remove the infected tissue, followed up by powerful antibiotics whose side effects can cause major health problems of their own.

It sounds grim, and it is, but where modern science has failed, nature has provided. The antibiotic agents in Yemeni Sidr honey have been shown to effectively fight MRSA. What’s more is that Sidr honey was shown to be the best at killing the MRSA bacterium, even better than Manuka honey. When applied directly to the infection, Sidr honey bypasses MRSA’s protective coatings — something standard antibiotics are unable to do.

Although Sidr honey is a very powerful antibacterial agent, you don’t have to have MRSA to benefit from using it. It can also fight infections from standard injuries such as paper cuts, skinned knees, or even bacterial acne. Since Sidr honey also contains powerful antifungal agents, it could also be used to treat common fungal infections such as athlete’s foot or ringworm. Simply apply it as a compress and let it work its magic. It can even be used topically to get rid of lice and dandruff.

Sidr Honey for Gastric Ailments

Each person has natural bacteria in their gut to help them digest food. When you suffer gastrointestinal ailments, often the culprit is not at an optimal level. In order to balance intestinal flora, your doctor might suggest taking probiotics, which can be found in many nutrition stores. Like with vitamins, probiotics — a cocktail of beneficial bacteria — are most effective and best assimilated when acquired from a food source instead of a pill. Yemeni Sidr honey contains live probiotic cultures that are highly bioavailable, meaning they get into your system and start working fast. If your doctor has recommended probiotics for intestinal ailments, the sweeter and more effective option is Yemeni Sidr honey.


Sidr Honey for Cancer

For generations, people who swear by Yemeni Sidr honey have been using it for all kinds of ailments. Over the years, stories of miraculous cancer recoveries have been waved off by doctors who said it was impossible. But new stories of cancer recoveries attributed to Sidr honey are told every day, and now scientists are taking note. While there are still no definitive answers on why Yemeni Sidr honey seems to help patients recover from cancer, scientists have a couple of ideas.

In recent years, Sidr honey’s high antioxidant content has been noted. Antioxidants prevent cell damage inside the body by fighting free radicals — agents that damage cells, sometimes resulting in cancer. While scientists haven’t pinpointed whether or not the powerful antioxidants in Yemeni Sidr honey fight cancer, it makes sense that they could. At the very least, adding Sidr honey to your diet can improve cell health, which may also help your overall prognosis. Additionally, considering the superior nutrient content of Yemeni Sidr honey, the boost in nutrition alone can help your body fight off illness.

Enhancing Sexual Intimacy

Performance issues during coitus can be an emotionally detrimental event, fortunately, honey is an inexpensive and readily available aphrodisiac. It can enhance sexual performance when combined with carrot seeds. In fact, its functions can be more potent than Viagra once it has been mixed with nuts, herbs, and ginseng. There will never be any hazardous side effects because honey is natural and organic.

Treating Hair Loss With the Benefits of Honey

Microbial activity occurring at the roots of a dry scalp are major causes of hair loss. The antioxidant properties contained in honey are germicidal and fungicidal. These properties function as a natural wax which will condition hair and moisturize the scalp to effectively minimize alopecia. Acute weakness from injury or disease is another major cause. The lethargy which contributes to hair loss can be treated with honey because it provides energy to the body. Aging and large concentrations of oxidants will also deter healthy hair growth. Honey benefits soar because it’s high in antioxidants and vitamin C, and so it’s able to eliminate oxidants that cause hair loss.

Preventing Flatulence With Honey

Having gas at an inappropriate time can be embarrassing. Fortunately, unique honey benefits also encompass deterring flatulence. Combined with cinnamon powder, it creates an effective and natural method to preventing gas.

Relieving Toothaches

Built up bacteria will penetrate the tissue of teeth and cause inflammation pressure. This pain can be relieved by applying a paste made of honey throughout the day. The paste can be created by mixing five teaspoons of honey with a single teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Curing Your Hangover

Honey is high in fructose. This means that the metabolism of alcohol will speed up, ensuring that the rate of feeling clear headed will occur much quicker. All you need to do is apply some honey on your toast or add some of it to your tea.

Eliminating Odorous Breath With the Benefits of Honey

Decaying bacteria cells, gum disease, plaque, halitosis, and xerostomia all contribute to unpleasant breath. Combining one tablespoon of honey with 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of warm water will create an effective anti-inflammatory mouthwash. Gargling this mouthwash in the morning and during the evening will reduce bacteria in your mouth. It will also heal gums and prevent infections.

Preserving Fruits in Honey

Combining honey and water inside of jars will enable a perfect way to preserve fruits. You can relive the delicious taste of summer fruits at any time of the year by using this method. It will also make them taste much sweeter.

Treating Hearing Loss With Honey

Age, earwax buildup, inner ear infections, prolonged exposure to loud noises, and eardrum rupture are all factors of hearing loss. It is possible to prevent additional hearing loss and maintain an efficient level of hearing when utilizing the benefits of honey. When taken regularly, its medicinal healing properties will support the healthy functioning of hearing.

Creating Your Own Lip Balm

Honey can be used to create a natural lip balm. It will give your lips a shiny finish and also replenish them. It will be sweet to the taste as well.

Creating Luxurious Relaxation During a Bath With the Benefits of Honey

If you add honey to your bathwater, blissful relaxation will ensue. The water will feel softer and smell much sweeter. It will also moisturize your entire body.

Utilizing the Benefits of Honey to Lose Weight

Honey is rich in fructose which will burn body fat and increase stamina. It ensures that the liver will produce glucose, forcing your body to release hormones which will burn fat and keep sugar levels high. This will stop sugar cravings that lead to unnecessary eating sessions and provide more energy for regular exercise regimes. Additionally, it’s possible to lose an entire dress size within three weeks if you combine three teaspoons of honey with warm water before bed. Once asleep, honey will start the process of burning fat and will remain active throughout the day.

Honey is an easily obtainable and inexpensive product. Its bevy of curative properties make it limitless when being utilized for bodily health. The medicinal effects of honey are also able to be augmented when combined with other natural resources. Choosing to incorporate this natural and organic remedy into your daily routine will improve many aspects of your life.

Every summer or winter, farmers make epic trips to the mountains in search of a treasure. They only carry the basics: drinking water, dry camel skins for smoking, and collection pots! No chemical sprays or any other synthetic material that may compromise on purity and rawness of yemeni sidr honey is taken along. The strictness however does not start there. Right from the beginning, the bees are raised to know only one source of ingredients- the Sidr flower.

Mother Nature assists in making this a possibility. She supports the growth and maturity of Sidr tree through favourable climate and rich soils. Unlike some people from other regions, Yemen farmers do not have haste in getting their honey to the market.

Neither sugar syrup is fed to bees nor do they grow other flowers in the surrounding, and so bees have only feed on Sidr nectar. It is no surprise that the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) ranks yemeni sidr honey among the best in the world.

Why insist so much on purity?

Islam stipulates strict adherence to honesty in every business dealing. Cleanliness is considered a pathway to good health and strength.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Holly Quran (Surah Aal-Imran 3/110) insists, “You are the best community to have been raised up for the mankind, you enjoy what is right, forbid what is wrong, and believe In Allah.” When one sells something with flaws without informing a customer of the defects, the sin lies on the seller of such product and is punishable by their Almighty Creator.

The same applies to those who feed their bees with synthetic materials yet claim that the honey  is  pure. Adding even a drop of water to honey with the intent of increasing gain is not acceptable.

The way in which Sidr honey is produced in its natural environment is a living example of how ethical business behavior should be all over the world.  It is the hope that the honey you purchase from this website is the purest and most healthiest honey you have ever had in your life so the owner and the purchaser both reap great rewards.

Nutrition value of Sidr honey

Laboratory tests have 8/confirmed that Sidr honey contains various nutrients that are necessary for healthy living. These include vitamins, carbohydrates, energy, and trace elements like calcium, magnesium, and iron among others.

Iron is required for blood formation while a combination of potassium and other trace element contribute to normal functioning of brain and muscles. People who have problems with digestion may take advantage of ascorbic acid, thiamine, and riboflavin in yemeni sidr honey. These elements help facilitate enzymatic reactions and absorption in the body.