Meet Your Beekeeper

SIDR Honey Pouring
SIDR Honey Pouring
SIDR Honey Pouring

This is Ali

He has spent his entire life around bees. His passion for beekeeping has been passed down from generation to generation in a largely traditional, tribal society. His roots in beekeeping did not begin with the booming market demands for Yemeni honey. It was born from his familial lineage in the trade that has bred a loyalty towards maintaining traditional beekeeping practices. This is why we love him and his honey so much! 

Ali continues to use the traditional method of beekeeping which consists of a thin hive box, from a hollowed-out log. Beekeepers that hold onto these ancient practices are very particular about the quality of honey produced. 

When the honeycombs are full, Ali cuts them off with a knife and leaves some in the hive to sustain the bees through the drier months.

“Producing this type of honey takes patience and time. We are beekeepers because this honey is sacred to us and we know with certainty there is real healing in it. Our work can help many people and has helped my family. It provides us with a livelihood but also our health, especially during these difficult times of war and drought in Yemen.”

Greet Its Tradition
Yemeni’s finest honey comes from the quiet, remote land of Hadhramaut, located in the eastern plateaus of Yemen. Records of Hadhramaut’s ancient history show a large number of kings that occupied its land, offering its people a rich history and wide array of traditional teachings. Its soil is rich in calcium and magnesium, with its basement rocks dating back to roughly 3 billion years ago!

Herbal remedies and alternative medicine are deeply embedded in Yemeni culture, with the use of honey mixtures topping the list. These are some honey related traditions practised in Yemen:

  • Melted butter with honey is given to mothers right after childbirth
  • Honey and eggs given to brides and grooms as they are known for fertility and strength
  • Honey with myrrh (gum taken from myrrh tree) is used for constipation
  • Honey with asafoetida helps with menstruation
Shibam, Hadhramaut Yemen
Shibam, Hadhramaut Yemen