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Sacred Sāl Honey

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Rare and Unique. Unlike any other honey in the world, Sal honey hints an exotic ferment of fruits, some liking it to wine with a gingery effect.

Reputation - Living to the fullest
The glorious journey of flavours and effects of Sal honey is due to its unique source of nectar that bees consume. Bees extract nectar and pollen from the Euphorbia Cactus in Yemen, better known as the عمق tree to the locals.

Notorious for its burning sensation after consumption, it is traditionally used to kill off bacteria responsible for colds, coughs, sinus infections, ear infections, tonsillitis and respiratory type ailments. It is also used to restore energy, libido, help with weight gain and fertility. It has a strong reputation for quick healing, especially when bacteria is in the throat or ears. As well, it has a strong reputation for reinvigorating and uplifting one’s energy level.

Nutrients -
Contains compounds such as tamerexin, flavonoids, potassium, sodium, zinc, magnesium, and calcium. Sāl Honey contains significantly higher iron levels compared to other honeys.
Taste -
Sal honey has an extraordinary flavour, unlike any other honey available. The overall taste of Sal honey is comprised of a sweet, spicy mix. It is often likened to wine with a gingery effect, as it has undertones of fermented fruit. Only after consuming this delicacy, a rather tender burning sensation starts to form in your throat, lingering for roughly thirty minutes.
Sal Honey Elements (mg/kg) -
Iron 2.82 ±0.20
Potassium 304.25 ±1.24
Calcium 75.32 ±0.18
Phosphorus 34.35 ±0.04
Manganese 4.58 ±0.02
Magnesium 52.42 ±1.23
Sodium 29.43 ±0.52
Chromium <0.02
Copper 0.42 ±0.01
Zinc 2.62 ±0.06
Lead <0.01
Consumption Method -
Recommended mixing with Sidr honey to take the edge off the burning, spicy sensation. To be taken in small doses, first thing in the morning or before bed.
Medical Disclaimer -

www.sacredhoney.com.au contains general medical information. None of the information on this website is intended to replace sound medical advice, nor is it recommended for people to stop their prescribed medication(s).

Sacred Sāl Honey

3 reviews for Sacred Sāl Honey

  1. AM

    A few weeks ago, I was resting late evening with my partner when we thought we heard our youngest make some unusual sounds. We ignored it. A few moments later he came out of bed and downstairs to join us. It was quite rare for him to do this as he had not done so since he was a toddler. He would not speak but when he coughed it sounded like he was possessed by 3 demons, it was very “phlegmy” and “mucousy”. Imagine Darth Vader with emphysema. This worried my wife greatly, and as is the case with most modern (brainwashed) people, her first reaction was “Hospital!!!”. By this time I was quite tired and had told her to give him some honey.
    “Which honey?” she asked almost objectionably.
    Now this is the interesting part. I have a lot of honey at home and remember taking the Sal honey which left a very nice spicy after effect when I took it last and it had really cleared and opened up my throat. I asked myself “Could this be too much for my possessed little Darth?” I did not want to drive to Westmead children’s hospital and 1:30am on a winters night, so the answer was “No” My wife gave him a small teaspoon of Sal and we had gone to sleep. The next morning he was back to himself, very social, talking, playing and we heard only a very small glimpse of what we had heard the night before. The Sal honey really is amazing and definitely ranks #1 is terms of uniqueness in taste. Sal really help my child out that night… more importantly it saved me petrol money.

  2. Hasan Colak

    Bought Sal along with the two other honeys sold by Sacred Honey . This type of honey compliments any type of drink including warm tea very well, top quality product.

  3. Jason

    I always keep a jar of Sal honey ready for use when strong, fast relief from flu, colds, or throat/chest infections arise. It immediately provides a warm spicy sensation in my chest and throat which gives me instant relief. You can feel the honey working literally. The other amazing effect is the fast energy boost it provides. I use it before doing exercise and it provides long lasting energy. It really pumps me up. Reminds me of the old popeye cartoons when he used to eat a can of spinach and become stronger lol (for those younger generations, please research popeye the sailor man lol). Sal honey is the new creatine for those that want to boost their training performance.

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