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Who is Sacred Honey ?

Let our honey take you back in time to a land full of history and culture. To a place where traditions have been passed down for centuries.

Where the valleys are bursting with ancient and sacred trees, that grow sturdy and deep rooted in its rich soil. The land of YEMEN. A civilisation known to be as old as human history its self. And from this sacred land comes our SACRED HONEY.

More About Sacred honey

The Beekeepers Story ?

My name is Mubârak S. B., from the Nu‘mân tribe, whose territory is Wadi ‘Amd. I am a beekeeper (‘âmil nahl, murabbî nahl ). I move with the bees (nûb) using my pick-up wherever I go in Wadi Daw‘an, where there is vegetation, where the rains have fallen, where there are plants.

Winter honey is the best honey, of high quality, the most highly appreciated. But even now, in autumn, we bring the hives to the ‘ilb trees. Bees harvest this tree, they take the honey for ten days or so. The resulting honey is pure, good, excellent, but the blossom ends before the honeycombs are filled.

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The Sacred Sidr Tree

“The Sidra tree, growing strong and proud in the harshest of environments, has been a symbol of perseverance and nourishment across the borders of the Arab world. What is the significance of this glorious tree?

With its roots bound in the soil of this world and its branches reaching upwards toward perfection, it is a symbol of solidarity and determination; it reminds us that the goals of this world are not incompatible with the goals of the spirit.

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Medicinal Honey

Your quality of life can be enhanced when utilizing the many honey benefits. Honey has medicinal properties that promote and support a healthy system; it has antibacterial qualities, and it is also able to health when used for holistic healing treatments.

What many people do not know, however, is that there are other unique honey benefits ~ many of which are uncommon and unheard of but can change your life for the better.

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